20,00 - 27,50 as main activity  11,00 - 18,50 as additional activity

Down Under Activities

Activities from Survive the Never Never and Pioneers Quest that can be booked separately. Exciting games with a high fun-factor, a combination of competition, ingenuity and teamwork. Make your choice from several tough Down Under challenges for a short program as a break or an addtion to our cultural activities.

Duration: 1 - 2½ hour.

Choose from separate Survive the Never Never activities up to 63 persons:
  • Emergency signal tangram
  • Swamp crossing
  • Kangaroo hunt
  • Water run (only outdoor)
  • Making fire (only outdoor)
  • Canyon Fishing
  • Horse shoe throwing
  • Coober Pedy mine crossing
Choose from separate Pioneers Quest activities up to 36 persons:
  • Telegram sending
  • Billabong crossing
  • Water supply construction
  • Fish hoops
  • Lasso throwing
  • Kangaroo hunt
  • Toilet seat tossing
  • Cornhole Game
  • Bridge pillars crossing


  • Emphasize mutual cooperation with an interactive evaluation based on individual observation assignments
  • Accessible for everyone. Active, not sporty with an emphasis on tactics an insight.
  • Location: any suitable venue in NL, preferably outdoor, but completely or partially indoor is possible.


This activity is Corona-proof.


  • Meeting facilities
  • Lunch, drinks and/or diner/buffet
  • Aussie BBQ, sink your teeth in a crocodile.
  • Special wishes? Just let us know!


  • Enthusiastic game attendants
  • English game support possible
  • 2 hour travel time and costs attendants
  • Use of all materials
  • Email-teasers to enhance fun and turnout
  • Award ceremony with unique Ozzie presents
  • Photos for lots of fun afterwards

Not included

  • location rent
  • catering.
This way you can decide yourself on location and costs of venue and catering.