6-36 pers.   3 hour  29,75 as main activity  20,75 as additional activity

Pioneers Quest

1793. Arrived in Australia at last. Follow the first pioneers in their ordeal to a new life in this strange unpredictable country. Compete in small teams on 10 activities. These are not only do-activities, but also real brain teasers. Which team will gather the most points?

Unique challenges await the teams. First send a telegram that you have survived the boat trip. With the necessary warnings in mind for the many dangers in this wild country, you set off for the piece of land that you bought blind.

On your way to your own piece of land you try to safely cross the billabong, where your memory and observations are put to the test. When you have almost arrived, the bridge appears to be largely washed away and you have to cross the remaining pillars with a few planks.

Once "home" the real work starts with plowing and building a watercourse with some gutters and bamboo poles. Who filled his billy first?

Settled a bit? Time for a exciting party with the neighbours to bond and strenghten the mutual relationships with toilet-seat tossing, fishing with hoops, unchaining the horseshoe and lasso throwing.

A tactical game with a high fun-factor, an ordeal full of action, inventiveness, dexterity and strategy. Which team has the Ozzitude and will gather the most points?

"The neighbours" will be a bit jealous when the winning team can choose from a variety of original Australian presents.


  • Emphasize mutual cooperation with an interactive evaluation based on individual observation assignments
  • Accessible for everyone. Active, not sporty with an emphasis on tactics an insight.
  • Can be shortened to 1 hour.
  • Location: any suitable venue in NL, preferably outdoor, but completely or partially indoor is possible.


This activity is Corona-proof.


  • Meeting facilities
  • Lunch, drinks and/or diner/buffet
  • Aussie BBQ, sink your teeth in a crocodile.
  • Special wishes? Just let us know!


  • Enthusiastic game attendants
  • English game support possible
  • 2 hour travel time and costs attendants
  • Use of all materials
  • Email-teasers to enhance fun and turnout
  • Award ceremony with unique Ozzie presents
  • Photos for lots of fun afterwards

Not included

  • location rent
  • catering.
This way you can decide yourself on location and costs of venue and catering.