4-72 pers.   3 hour  29,75 as main activity  20,75 as additional activity

Toss & Throw

Be the boss of the toss! Exciting games, tactical and highly addictive team game for all ages. Choose a few or do them all. Organize it as you want. Everything is possible!

You throw, it slides … it just doesn't slip into the hole. Do you aim for the hole or for a blockade? Now it is your opponent's turn. Is your cornbag pushed off the board or does your cornbag get that last push in the hole? A global craze, now also in the Netherlands. Sink them all!

Boomerang Games
You throw … it twirls ... and twirls ... you run … you dive … gotcha! A little less active is also possible. Just throw and catch. Whatever, a boomerang is always fun. You keep on trying. And get the hang of it more and more. Again. And again.

Lasso throwing
Make sure you don't get tangled with the rope. Of course a technique to get the hang of. Nice to do it sometime. Can always come in handy to pull your disobedient dog out of the ditch.

Toilet seat tossing or horseshoe throwing
Playful and exciting. Again a certain technique to figure out. Always fun and entertaining.

As a meeting break or company outing, but also very nice for a bachelor party or family outing ... fun guaranteed!

The winners get an indoor boomerang ... the losers too.


  • Location: any suitable venue in NL.
  • For Indoor Boomerang Games we use special boomerangs with a small turning radius.


This activity is Corona-proof.


  • Parallelprogram is possible.
  • Meeting facilities
  • Lunch, drinks and/or diner/buffet
  • Aussie BBQ, sink your teeth in a crocodile.
  • Special wishes? Just let us know!


  • Enthusiastic game attendants
  • English game support possible
  • 2 hour travel time and costs attendants
  • Use of all materials
  • Email-teasers to enhance fun and turnout
  • Photos for lots of fun afterwards

Not included

  • location rent
  • catering.
This way you can decide yourself on location and costs of venue and catering.